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Island Cres offers beautiful walks with breathtaking sea views, ruins of abandoned villages and old churches, native unique flora and fauna. Walks differ in length and difficulty - there is something for everyone. Stivan, with its central position on the island is an excellent base for a visitor who likes walking and exploring nature, history, ruins, secluded bays and beaches. Here we would like to show you around Stivan beach Marascica.

Island Cres coastal walk - Stivan beach

From Marascica beach, which is the main beach for the village of Stivan, you can explore the coastline on either side of the bay on foot. The easiest option is to take a left turn on the unsealed road, and walk towards Ustrine bay (south). As you walk, you can pick up your own favourite private spot on the rocks below the road (partly accessible by car as well, but keep in mind that the road is quite narrow here). After around 5-10 minutes walk, the road will cease and from there on, you can follow a narrow path to the nearby bay of Lucica, a small secluded beach excellent for swimming. It will take you 10-15 minutes from Marascica to Lucica. From there, the path continues through the bush and shortly reaches the next little beach. There are a few more little secluded bays before the path ends and you can only continue negotiating rocks. The rocks here are quite friendly for a while and you can still find quite a few private secluded spots for swimming. The coast soon becomes impassable for an ordinary walker, so keep in mind that you won't be able to get to Ustrine bay.

You can also walk on the rocks to the north of Marascica, towards Miholascica, finding some secluded miniature coves on the way. The rocks are steeper on this side, so be careful and do not go too far, unless you are an experienced walker..

Island Cres coastal walk near Stivan

Island Cres Stivan - Marascica bay

Island Cres walking - rock walk towards Miholascica

Croatia island Cres coastal walk - Marascica bay

Walking on the rocks between Stivan beach (Marascica) and Miholascica.

View of Marascica bay on the way to Lucica beach.

Island Cres - coastal walk near Stivan

Island Cres rocky coast

Walking on island Cres Croatia - coast near Stivan

Croatia island Cres rocky coast

Coastal walk further from Lucica beach towards Ustrine. The rocks are friendly for a while. Rocks eventually become steeper and impassable.

Island Cres - isle Visoki near Stivan

Island Cres - isle Visoki sheep

Island Cres Croatia - beach on isle Visoki, near Stivan

Croatia island Cres - sheep on isle Visoki, near Stivan

If you have a boat, you can explore nearby islands of Zeca and Visoki. Just a short 15 minutes drive by a small boat will get you to the nearby isle Visoki and its pristine beach with tiny pebbles. Visoki is a very small island. It takes one hour to swim all around and half an hour to walk it all. You would be surprised by the animal kingdom on the island: birds, insects, lizards, even sheep!

Island Cres - Lucica beach, under Stivan village

Island Cres - secluded beach under Stivan village

Island Cres Croatia - beach Lucica under Stivan village

sland Cres Croatia - secluded beach under Stivan village

From Stivan main beach, Marascica, you can take the unsealed road to the left, where you could find along cosy spots on the rocks, just for yourself. The road then narrows down to a path and if you proceed, you will come to a beautiful secluded litle beach called Lucica. It takes only 10 minutes to walk there from the main Stivan beach.


From Lucica bay, you could walk even further to a few more little beaches and secluded swimming spots, until the path becomes unpassable.

Island Cres - Honeymoon beach under Stivan

Island Cres Stivan - rocks view

Island Cres Honeymoon beach near Stivan Island Cres Croatia - coastal view from rocks under Stivan
This is another completely secluded becah you can get to by walking to the left from Marascica beach under the village of Stivan, I named it 'Honeymoon beach':-) A view from rocks under Stivan towards Miholascica.
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