Croatia Island Holiday Experience - island of Cres  

Island of Cres is the biggest island in the Adriatic, but also one of the least inhabited islands in Croatia.

Cres experience is ideal for people who like unspoilt nature, pristine beaches, hidden coves, crystal clear sea and the island authentic ambient, uninterrupted by modern civilisation.

Island way of living has not changed much. Tourism, which besides agriculture, cattle breading and fishing became important source of income,  is not yet developed as in other Mediterranean destinations.

Visitors of the island Cres can expect an ideal holiday if they wish to experience:

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Active holiday on island Cres

Local customs and traditions, culture and way of living on the island of Cres

Gastronomic delights - Cres best restaurants

Island Cres entertainment

Any of the experiences above are accompanied by a unique Mediterranean atmosphere: stone, beaches, sea, Mediterranean vegetation and its animal kingdom.

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