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Local customs and tradition, culture and way of life on the island of Cres, Croatia

Croatia island holiday - Cres  

If you are culture and history values lover, island Cres has plenty to offer: ancient cities ruins, early Catholic churches, monasteries and Venetian era legacy, as well as recent times monuments. If you are also a keen walker and explorer, you can see ruins and old churches on one of the many beautiful island Cres walks. Although almost every place and house on the island has witnessed an important event in history, we selected a few for you:

Museums and Galleries

Museum in town Cres is located within ”Arsan” building, a birth place of philosopher and writer Franjo Petric. In the basement there is a big collection of amfors and lapidary from 2nd and 3rd century B.C. On the upper level you can find archaeological items form different eras in history, as well as collection of books.

Osor Museum is placed in an old town hall. In the basement there is lapidary from roman, old christian and middle age era. On the upper level there is a collection of items from different eras - from ancient to middle age. It is worth looking at collection of silver coins and templates from the Osor’s old republic era.

Glagolitic lapidary in Valun – This is an anthology of copies of Glagolitic signs from Croatia. Along signs from 11th and 12th century, there are monuments from newer times. You can also see copy of Valun plate - its original is placed in Valun parish church. 

Galleries and abbeys

There are a few galleries on the island:

Galerija "SOLIS" - Cres, Trg Frane Petrića, tel: 051/571 208
Galerija "MOTIV" - Cres, Sv. Sidar 1, tel: 098 877 182 (Josip Pope)
Franciscan monastery - Franjevački samostan Cres, tel. 051/571 217
Muzej "PALAČA ARSAN", tel. 051/571 127

Eco-center Beli – Non-government and non-profit society with a mission of preserving natural diversity, native values and cultural-historic heritage of the island Cres. This is also a place to see the endangered griffon vulture, the biggest European bird.  
For more information:  www.caput-insulae.com

Osor’s music nights are traditional cultural spectacle which is being held continuously since 1976. Music nights are held from the mid July until mid August in Cathedral “Stolnica uznesenja Marijina”. The agenda consists of famous classical music pieces from world renowned authors, as well as works of famous Croatian composers.

Osor’s music nights program – summer 2005:

1.07. - 23.08.2005

12.7. - Zagrebački solisti
14.7. - Goran Končar (violin), Ida Gamulin (piano)
16.7. - Concilium musicum Wien (Austria)
18.7. - Dalibor Cikojević (piano)
20.7. - Dubrovnik guitar trio
22.7. - Teresa Kaban (piano), Henryk Blazej (flute)
24.7. – Zagreb guitar quartet
26.7. - Tonko Ninić (violin), Vladimir Krpan (piano)
28.7. - I Cameristi Italiani
2.8.   - Darko Petrinjak (guitar), Renata Penezić (flauta)
– Zagreb quartet: Davorka Horvat (mezzosopran)
6.8.   - Musica Viva
8.8.   - Pavica Gvozdić (piano)
10.8. - Tamara Coha - Mandić (flute), Diana Grubišić - Ćiković (harp)
12.8. - Miriam Sadun (violin), Silvano Mazzoni (guitar)
14.8. - Pleyel trio Wien, Katja Markotić (mezzosopran)
16.8. – Croatian army orchestra: Tomislav Fačini (dirigent), Vedran Kocelj (trumpet)
18.8. - Virginio Pavarana (piano)
20.8. - Musa Ludens (Ansambl for old guitar)
23.8. - Zagreb philharmonic orchestra: Ivan Repušić (conductor), Ivo Dropulić (violin)


Lubenice’s music nights are traditionally held in historic Lubenice. An unforgettable experience in a beautiful ambient. Renowned artists.

Lubenice’s music nights program – summer 2005:

8.07. - 26.08.2005. 

08. 07. -  Lubenice’s Nights Opening Ceremony : Early music ansambl  "Responsorium" - soprano, alt, bas, lute, viola da gamba - Hrvatska
15. 07. - Milton Masciadri, contrabas with piano - SAD
22. 07. - Jordi Palau, flute, Gennady Dzubenko, piano
29. 07. - Maksim Fedotov, violin - Rusija
05. 08. - Andra Favalessa, violoncello, Maria Semararo, piano
12. 08. - Ante Jerkunica, bas - Hrvatska, Natalija Maričeva, piano - Rusija
19. 08. - Massimiliano Donninelli, saxophone; Gianluigi Polli, piano

26. 08. Lubenice’s Nights Closing Ceremony :
- klapa "Teha"
- ansambl "Bonaca"
- folk ansambl "Mate Balota"

- concerts are held in the st. Franjo church

Melodic nights Martinscica

17.07. - 21.08.2005. 

17.07. - Kerrimuir Marilyn - violin, Matima Ticar - violoncello
05.08. - Valentine Hijack - sopran, Eva Kirchmayer – Bilić – organ
21.08.- "Chordes trio":
             Kristina Beck – Kukavčić – mezzosopran
             Mirta Peteršek – Blašković – violin
             Biserka Krčelić – harp

Concert starting time is  21.30 h at the church of  St. Martina

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