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Entertainment on island Cres

Croatia island holiday - island Cres  

If after a long day of sunbaking on one of beautiful Cres’ beaches (even in the peak season, it is quite possible to find one all for yourself), you still crave for a night out, here is our choice:

Local festivities on island Cres
(local village patron saint celebrations)

Cres’ town summer nights – every Sunday starting from 17th July 2005
Cres’ summer carnival - Seafood night 14th Auguts
Cres’ summer festival (Semenj): 5th – 7th August
Vidovići, Martinšćica - Saint Ana - 26th July
Belej – St Rocco – 16th August - the biggest village "festa" on the island with live band until early morning

Disco “Štala”- more info on the discotheque website www.cresnet.averi.hr
Beach rave party (“Sveti Blaž” beach, Cres)
Bar "Timun" - open air entertainemnt in the pine forest of camp Slatina, Martinšćica

Besides organized entertainment, you never know where and what kind of fun you might come accross on the island Cres. You will find that people (both, locals and tourists) often find their own unique way of entertainment: from a romantic walk to the beach under the stars, quiet gathering with a guitar, to the etno sounds from all over the world, including African drums and even didgeridoo. Improvising DIY style entertainment is common on the island Cres, especially smaller places, like Valun and Stivan.

Valun beach at night - didgeridoo

Some local sense of humour

Valun beach island Cres - night multicultural entertainment (didgeridoo)

Valun DIY nightlife - Croatia island Cres

Valun entertainemnt - the "Wedding singer"

Summer carnival - Valun, island Cres

Croatia nightlife - Valun, Cres - the wedding singer

Croatia island nightlife - Valun, Cres - summer carnival



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